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Annually, during the latter part of June, when the sun is directly, or nearly directly overhead, St. Paul's presents a program which addresses some aspect of its historic legacy.  It is an outreach and invitation to the local community to join us in a Solstice Celebration on the campus with a walk around the churchyard to become better acquainted with our history, our historic site, and our strong link to Rock Hall and Chestertown, as well as greater Kent County.  In the past, we have celebrated notable people buried in our cemetery, veterans buried in the cemetery, the Memorial Garden, and the Labyrinth.  There has also been a program identifying the trees of interest found on the grounds.  This year, it was a historical presentation supporting the celebration of St. Paul's 325 years of continuous service to the people of Kent County.  The theme of the history was "In the Beginning..." and discussed St. Paul's story up to its establishment on January 30, 1693.  There are summaries of both the 325th Anniversary Celebration and the Solstice Celebration found in our newsletter.  The complete papers which were presented are linked below as well as a detailed history of the Pre-Revoluntionary Clergy of St. Paul's.

"In the Beginning..." Summer Solstice Guidebook

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