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St. Paul’s Transition


A tradition of caring has been established at St. Paul’s, both within and outside of our congregation. We hope to call a rector who will pastor to us and help us help each other. While we welcome and address the needs of young families, we continue to open our hearts to older parishioners and recognize the need we all have for support in difficult times.


We believe that we have stability as a congregation but wish to be stronger Christians. It is important to us to have a rector who will be our spiritual guide. We hope to read Scripture and learn how the Holy Word can be more evident in our everyday lives. We participate in the liturgy, the work of the people, but we look to a celebrant to head our worship. We seek a rector who can lead us, teach us, and help us see new, deeper meaning in old familiar stories and themes.

We invite you to learn more about St. Paul’s Kent by reviewing our Parish Profile.

To Email the Search Committee:

Search Committee

Lynn Bickley - Chair

Earl Runde

Rebecca Taylor

Terry Lovell

Karin Cowperthwait (Vestry Liaison)

Frankie Mayo

Sev Miller (Vestry Liaison)

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