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Prayer List

Updated: 4 days ago

The Prayer List will be kept up-to-date in this post. If you know someone who is in need of prayer (even yourself!), let us know by e-mailing, calling the office, or reaching out to Fr. Frank or a Vestry member.

Please Pray For:

Those who are Ill, Facing Surgery, or Recovering: Lynn Anstatt, Lee Bergen, Betsy Butler, Michael Curry, Susie Hayman, Gidget miller, Rick Ott, Malcolm Thomson, Donna & Mike Weaver

Those with Long-Term Needs: Judy Coutant, Pat & Pete Dillingham, John Durocher, Theresa Flisak, Will Fortenbaugh, Steven Lockwood, Judith Lovell, Jane Randall, Betsy Ray, Peggy Samuels, Pat Scott, Sarah Schroeder, Audrey Snapp, Ann Terrell

Those who need Spiritual Strength: Casey, Joshua, Lenna

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