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Prayer List

Updated: Aug 19

The Prayer List will be kept up-to-date in this post while in-person worship is restricted. If you know someone who is in need of prayer (even yourself!), let us know by e-mailing or calling the office.

Please Pray For:


For those who are Ill, Facing Surgery, or Recovering: The Rev. Beverly Porteus

For those with Long-Term Needs:

Judy Coutant, Pat Dillingham, Theresa Flisak, Barbara Harriman, Bev Huxter, Dorothy Jenkins, Steven Lockwood,Jane Ann Martin, Jane Randall, Betsy Ray, Shirley Runde, Audrey Snapp

For those who need Spiritual Strength:

Lenna, Jane, John, Novie

For those seeking employment or job security:

For the families of those Who Have Died:

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